The title of this post is a partial list of labels that have been attached to our current president. Now, I’m only talking about political labels here. Of course words like, buffoon, idiot, jerkwad, schmuck…all these seem to apply the more we hear of what he’s doing to prolong our fiduciary suffering, increase our risk to attacks, and other buffoonish, idiotic, jerkwadian and schmuck-like moves on his part.

But again, I’m speaking only politically here, and that’s been bad enough for some. Some of our left-leaning visitors have defended Barry against charges of socialism or communism, though mostly because Barry states he isn’t one of ’em. We on the right have taken a more “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck” attitude. So, to that end, I present these two articles about the Duck in Chief. The first is from the wonderful Selwyn Duke who also takes legitimate shots at lefty journalists who should have seen this guy coming. The other is from a recent Randall Hoven article.

For me, anything left of center is merely a matter of degrees, all shades of the same beast, right until fascism. It’s just a matter of how far the lefty in charge wants to take it, how how far he is allowed to go by the rest of us. But no matter what the left wants to call him, and no matter what Barry calls himself, it’s damn clear he’s a Duck.