Recently, Barry O’Bumble reversed George W. Bush’s ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (ESCR, should I need to use the term again). One of his lame pieces of rhetoric was the tired complaint that some would cling to religion over the knowledge gained by science. “Ideology over science”, they like to scream. This is blarney (St. Pat’s reference). If anyone is showing a marked departure from the path science shows is best, it is Barry himself, and other chuckleheads who believe we absolutely MUST continue murdering humans still in the embryonic stage in order to advance our knowledge and find cures. As this article shows, there are tons of advancements being made without such destruction of human life, and, there is an even better way to go regarding stem cells that are better than embryonic for the fact that they would not be rejected by the body into which they were placed.

Ideology is not something that should take second place to science. Science without limits is what Nazis believed in. It is a sad commentary on our society if we were to allow science to progress without the guidance of our ideologies and morals. And hell, our society is a pretty sorry lot as it is. It appears more and more as if we no longer need to use embryonic stem cells to get the biggest bang for our funding buck. So what guides Barry to rescind the ban put in place by his predecessor? It can only be a scheme to support his abortion position, by further dehumanizing those people unfortunate enough to have been conceived, but not yet born.

When we review Barry’s position on life, be it the abortion issue, the stem cell issue or how cost will determine who gets treatments should his health care proposals go as planned, it’s a real insult to our intelligence when this punk speaks of “his faith”. I don’t buy it. He’s a worm.

UPDATE: Here’s another article saying much the same thing. Yeah. We conservative Christians are anti-science. Sure.