From an email I received.

This is just the type of underhanded, sneaky crap that really riles me about government in general, and liberal politics in particular. I hadn’t heard anything about this and likely wouldn’t have had I not been getting newsletters from this source. Everything about this agenda is against basic American priniciples, and how they seek to implement their self-serving and perverted view of the world is the worst example of it. Why backdoor it if it isn’t both controversial and widely opposed? The answer is simple. It’s because they realize that they lack the support and agreement of their fellow Americans, so going through normal protocols won’t help them. So, because they care more for how they satisfy themselves sexually than they do their country, the welfare of children or anything else, they sneak it in when no one’s paying attention, or find willing judges to over rule the will of the people.

I offer the email because the author covers several bases, but not nearly all as regards the underhandedness and out and out lying that is at the heart of the pro-homosex movement. Share it with friends. Encourage everyone who doesn’t think with their crotch to stand up for decency, and more than that, defend a kid’s right to be free of the influence of those who DO think with their crotches. They have it tough enough as it is without being exposed to such things on purpose.

And while you’re at it, encourage those who support the National Day of Silence to really go for it and shut the hell up every day.