I hope not. Yesterday witnessed an outpouring of sentiment from across political ideologies. People gathered in groups of thousands as well as smaller groups all over the country to protest the direction of our nation. They came together to proclaim their weariness of the same old same old and demanded REAL change, not the faux change of a Democratic presidential campaign. Strike that. Of ANY political campaign.

Conservatives were unhappy with the spending of a Republican controlled Congress. They further steamed at the stimulus and bailout policies of GW Bush. Now, with Barry’s “I can spend way more than Bush” versions, even people on the left are cranky, with many thinking, “Yeah, I wanted bigger government, but this is nuts!”

And the lefty media, pundits and bloggers don’t get it, calling it insanity, a right-wing “astro-turf” movement, a FoxNews stunt. Some, like Keith Olberman, referred to it as a “tea bagging” party, which is some type of homosexual reference. (Maybe Dan can enlighten us on it’s meaning. He knows all about them. I’m sure it’s a perfectly acceptable activity.) What idiots. Talk about phobias. They have either no clue, are scared out of their minds, or they’re lying to their listeners about what’s going on to demonize, marginalize and minimize those who are fed up. My money’s on the lying. It’s what they do.

But I digress. What I really want to say is that I hope the party isn’t over. I hope that this event was actually the beginning of real involvement of the populace into the goings on of our government, and more hopefully, on all levels. We need to constantly be in touch with our representatives and let them know what we think and feel and want. We also need to be in touch with as many levels of party organizations as we can, so that they will find and support candidates that reflect what we think, feel and want.

If we do nothing more, if we fail to keep the heat on after getting their attention with this nationwide demonstration of discontent, I can guarantee everyone that absolutely nothing will change. In fact, I have no doubt that the most common thought in the intelligence-free minds of our current governmental leaders, is that this was just a tantrum by the American people, that it was mostly “right-wing extremists”, and that in a week, the heat will have died down and they can get back to destroying America. Don’t let it happen. Dog ’em like there’s no tomorrow, because the tomorrow they’re working to provide is gonna suck out loud. Make the party last until the message is perfectly understood.