This article says a lot about the true nature of those who support the “Day of Silence” that some schools offer these days. I’d be shocked (not really) to know that anyone would have a problem with anything Ms. Higgins has said in her article. She’s obviously a victim of bullying and harassment.

I have long insisted that lies, distortions, & exaggerations have been used liberally by the homosexual activists to further their agenda. Obviously that is not news to Ms. Higgins, who reprints a few directed at her. And I have presented evidence to support my premise, and do so again here.

I’d like to believe that even with extemists on both sides of the issue (though most extremists on my side aren’t really extreme at all), a compromise of sorts should be workable. However, I don’t see how a true situation of reluctant contentment will ever come about when one side (that would be the other side I oppose) bases every inch of their journey on falsehoods and faulty reasoning.

In any case, the real bullying is coming from the other side. Preaching the Word, pointing out the obvious, none of that is hate or bigotry or discrimination. But should anyone dare publicly voice their opinion regarding homosexuality, and it does not align with the current politically correct (*gack!*) and pro-homosexual position, that person gets the treatment described in Ms. Higgins’ article, the treatment inflicted upon Miss California by the geeky Peres Hilton, the treatment received by that old woman who’s cross was viciously slapped out of her hand by tantrum-throwing activists and countless other hateful outbursts against those who disagree.

All I can say at this point is that there would be far less acrimony if these pathetic souls would hold their Day of Silence every day of the year.