I present here two articles describing two different notions of torture. This one I got from Townhall.com, and this one through the racist and poorly written AmericanThinker.com.

The subject of torture, more specifically, the U.S. torture of detainees and prisoners at Gitmo and elsewhere, has gotten new life with the release of memos that detail the enhanced interrogation techniques our people have been using. Of course, as indicated by Dick Cheney, those who are lamenting our “crimes against humanity” (*gack*) chose not to supply info regarding the effectiveness of using those techniques. Many have advised on the wisdom, rather, the lack thereof, of releasing these memos, but such advice was ignored. Now, or enemies know how to better prepare themselves in the event of capture.

But what is glaringly obvious is that this “horror” at the thought of a Kalid Sheik Muhammed being waterboarded is a fraud. Those who whine about “war crimes” perpetrated at the order of George W. Bush aren’t concerned at all about the techniques themselves. I have yet to hear of anyone who will take the time to define what constitutes torture, but will only say that what our people have been doing is torture. No doubt those same people will be aghast at the suffering of our enemies as they endure the agony of abdominal distress while laughing uproariously at what our lefty chuckleheads consider torture.

No, it’s not about torture per se. It’s about using whatever possible to attack the Bush administration. They won’t be satisfied until he pays for fairly and legally winning two elections against two equally buffoonish Democratic candidates. The shock and dismay they so fraudulently display at the thought of some Arab losing sleep or living with the heat dialed down is only to generate negative emotion in support of their quest to punish Bush & Co.

Now for those who insist on trying to make us believe they’re concerned with our standing in the world, that we must take the high road, the moral high ground, I accuse these people of dishonesty as well. MY concern is for the safety of our people and our allies. I have little concern for those who would seek to cause us harm. Like anyone else with a brain, and a heart and sense of Christian goodwill to all, I’d prefer our enemies would prefer our friendship rather than our deaths. I’d much rather we have the means and ability to cause them to lay down their hatred once and for all and join the brotherhood of man. I believe we should do all we can to promote that paradigm shift in their hearts.

But while that’s yet to be discovered and while they continue in their hatred, I will part company with those who think the lives of our people are of less importance than the comfort of those we have incarcerated. I would suffer not one simple scratch on another American or American ally at the hands of our enemies and if they have to weather some inconvenience in their living conditions at Gitmo, if they have to endure a freakin’ swirly for every question unanswered, then so be it. Our techniques do not rise to the level of torture.

So the release of these memos have accomplished two things. It shows our enemies that we won’t engage in activities that most people could endure with a little spine, and it shows that we haven’t been engaging in the level of savagery that they do routinely. Now there is no reason to fear us at all. Now there’s no point in taking prisoners at all. They won’t talk. They’ve no fear to encourage it. Our troops can now just kill everyone they suspect of being at war with them.

It would have been far better for the lefties to just shut the hell up, protest if they must quietly through channels, instead of publicly for the world to see. It would be better if our enemies fear we are capable of worse than they could invent themselves, because we keep everything on the table, at our disposal should we decide to employ any of it, than for them to think we have limitations for which they can prepare. We don’t have to employ true torture. Our enemies only have to believe we will. Then the world can judge us if they so choose, but we can stand tall when they are unable to prove that we are actually using real torture.

Of course that’s all moot now, thanks to those who are more concerned with political points and world opinion than the protection of America and her allies. Their false piety has put us at risk.