For your entertainment and amusement I offer this from Geoffrey’s blog. It is also educational as it should display the liberal notion of tolerance and the free exchange of ideas. Note that he links to several of my posts, and without discussing why he finds any of it troubling, he merely lashes out against your humble host. Now I know that for all of his education and reading that he likely doesn’t possess the ability to wage a civil discussion regarding the merits of my position, but I did invite him to do so nonetheless. I believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be done, even if staying home and gossiping like a little girl provides more satisfaction for some.

This is why I appreciate those who disagree and still show up to try to persuade or present their side. People like Marty, ER, Les, Vinny (when ER, Les and Vinny have a mind to), particularly Dan Trabue, who, God bless him anyway, holds firmly to such poor interpretations of Scripture, and even that prize winning troll Feodor. That’s what blogging is all about: presenting ideas and opinions, seeking to persuade or be persuaded, to argue, get pissed occasionally, to take a few cheap shots for personal enjoyment and laughs, but not, as Geoffrey thinks he doesn’t, to take ourselves too seriously.