I can’t help myself. When I see still another thoughtful piece on this issue of “torture”, I feel compelled to share it with the likely vein hope of turning on a light in the dark and totally empty halls of the psuedo-sanctimonious liberal minds of some who visit here. This Bruce Walker piece puts the issue in perspective, as surely as previous links have, but sometimes a different voice alerts the dead spirits of the falsely pious where other voices failed. Some may wonder why I even try. I believe that the nausea one feels and the contempt felt by another is really a moral detoxification beginning. (When one introduces nothing but healthy foods and supplementation into a fouled system, the patient may endure several days of gastrointestinal torment as the body, egged on by the good stuff, purges itself of the toxins that made that body home.) Should these deluded souls see the light, the nasty reactions will cease and they will be transformed into more sensible judges of morality. This is my fervent hope because I care.