This article claims that the APA has backed off on the idea of the existence of a “gay gene”. While I still can see a biological influence for homosexual attractions, my position has been that such influence doesn’t demand acceptance by either society or the individual so influenced.

But I wonder now what supporters of homosexual marriage and other “rights” will now do with this aspect removed from the arsenal of reasons for support. That is, if they really AREN’T born that way, then what does that do to the agenda and those that support it? Everything is predicated on the notion that there is no choice in the matter, that they are born homosexual, that God made them that way and there is no changing it. The APA disputes that now. Does that make the APA just another homophobic enemy? Look what they did to blacks after Prop 8.

I invite those who have supported homosexuality in previous posts to return and render their thoughts on this news. Does it change your perspective at all? Does it lessen your support for, not the people themselves, but what they insist society owes them? And of course, why or why not?

I wonder if I should hold my breath or not while I wait.