This is an interesting article I found through a link at Neil’s blog. The link was to another blog that reprinted the end of the article. I found the entire thing quite enlightening.

This article presents info typical of both Hollywood and the homosexual movement.

First, as if it’s any surprise, it shows how Hollywood airbrushed the warts and blemishes that is the real life of Harvey Milk. Not having seen the Sean Penn depiction myself, nor having any desire whatsoever to do so, I really didn’t need anyone to tell me that the film presented Milk as some sort of saintly creature. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that his true self would be left out. Hollywood, in some self-destructive, death wish-like mental defect, likes to push liberal crap that draws no one and makes them very little money. This movie obviously stuck to the game plan and so well that the Hollywood loons were properly smitten. But it only showed “their truth”, not truth.

Secondly, the article points to the common tactic of the homosexual activist to lie to further their agenda. Milk knew this, apparently, and as is S.O.P., lied as needed. What a shocker.

Thirdly, like the Matthew Shepard case, the murder of the Milk was NOT because of his homosexuality. Yet the movie, and the memory of this low-life, is based on that lie. I had never heard that White supported the right of a homosexual teacher to teach. No. We’re to believe he murdered Milk because Harvey was a homosexual.

Such lies, distortions and omissions are typical of the movement. How could anyone support a movement that so easily lies?