This link is to a video from the Mississippi United Methodist Annual Conference. I got it from, and it shows a lesbian couple giving their testimonial. To me it’s quite sad. They appear to be decent people who love the church. But like most trapped in the lie of homosexuality, they believe that God blesses their union. As indicated two posts down from this one, there are many ways in which homosexuals and their enablers seek to support this notion. But their arguments never hold up under scrutiny, though some of those arguing won’t own up to that fact, or are too stupid to realize their failure.

One woman made a statement I found most troubling, and even some heterosexuals buy into this one, as do many atheists in their own way. She said, (paraphrasing here) “I know that to be true to God means being true to myself.” This is the exact opposite of the truth. Our true selves are rarely the stuff of glory, to say the least. To be true to God means that our old selves die and we are born again, to live a life that conforms with His Will. Even as we try to co-exist with the rest of society, we often have to deny our true selves to conform to the will of our communities in the sense that we must obey laws of those communities. But God’s Law and Will takes a back seat to our “true selves”? How does that make any sense?

Conforming to the will of society, as we try to live our lives within the law, can be difficult by itself. We have to abide all sorts of limits, control our behaviors, obey the law. If we were true to our own selves, how many of us would truly drive like we own the road, over indulge in alcohol, take what appeals to us whether it belongs to someone else or not? It might manifest in more subtle ways by only ignoring the laws of common decency and propriety and decorum.

And we would pay the price for such selfishness. We’d be locked up, fined, shunned by the rest of society, or just be considered total jerks.

Yet somehow, we’re to believe that God will be just fine with being true to ourselves rather than being true to His Will. Isn’t that self-worship? Making ourselves a god who’s pleasure is our greatest concern? I think there’s a major commandment against that.

Seems to me that the issue isn’t only about homosexuality and imagined rights for those so afflicted. The issue is how badly we want to please God. I’d bet that if each of us take a moment, we’d each find within ourselves (and for some of us it might not take much thought or searching) that to which we cling in order to deny ourselves the struggle it would take to deny the fault. We’ll say, “That’s the way I am. I’ve always been that way.” as if taking that position absolves us of the effort to improve. Indeed, in this way, homosexuals are just like the rest of us. The rest of us just don’t organize.

True to ourselves, or true to Him? One way must take priority at the expense of the other.