I came across this sordid tale and hesitated to present it. It’s disturbing without question. It riles me as little else can. There has been calls for the death penalty for people like the scum in the story. I can’t say that I don’t agree with that sentiment.

That such monsters exist in our world is not the issue. It is not the issue either that this particular monster is a homosexual. What is the issue is the fact that the media didn’t see fit to cover this story as they did an earlier rape case referred to in the link, and likely familiar to everyone not living in a shack in the woods.

How can this be? How can such a horror not compel every news agency to report this? Is the mainstream media so in the bag for the homosexual movement that even stories as horrifying as this one won’t be worthy of headlines?

Obviously this is so. I recall Rush Limbaugh once reporting on a homosexual rape by a member of the Navy that was never covered. And are we to assume that all those pedophile priests that are used to besmirch the Catholic Church are simply heteros who couldn’t find little girls to abuse? Sure. If you believe that, I’ve got some magic beans I’m willing to sell ya.

Who cares what “orientation” a perpetrator is where the victims are kids? But why hide it? Unlike some, including some who visit here, I’m not willing to assume only the best about anyone, any more than I’m willing to assume the worst. Isn’t the former every bit as judgemental as the latter? This is certainly the manner in which the media should be doing its investigations and reporting.

Does it mean anything that this scumbag is a homosexual? Who knows? It seems to matter when a lawbreaker is right wing or Evangelical. Perhaps, however, if the media wouldn’t pretend it doesn’t matter (as if they have the brains to know one way or the other), we might find out. Or we may find out about something we’d wish we’d have known a long time ago, for good or ill. But the point is that just like the media refuses to report when the latest shooter is a Muslim, they also refuse to report when a perpetrator is a homoseuxal. One can only surmise that the sad reality is that their support for the homosexual movement, and I think it’s a fair suspicion that most of the media supports them, compels them to hide this little detail. Shameful.