Archie Bunker always used to tell his wife Edith to “Stifle!” when he no longer wanted to hear her speak. In the ongoing debate regarding the sinfulness of homosexual behavior, the idea of women being silent in church is often brought up to prove something about my true adherence to Scripture. (It should be noted that I do not claim to be the perfect representation of Christian living, but only that I don’t try to twist Scripture to justify my failures.)

The argument is that since Paul speaks of women being silent in churches, that it shows that change has come to the Body of Christ and thus, such change can and/or has also come regarding the Church’s position on homosexual behavior. Well, I had never spent much time looking at those verses that claim that women stifle themselves in church, but considering the choir in mine, that wouldn’t be a good thing. In addition, I had always felt that there was much more to the story but that there were far more important concerns.

Since the argument has come up again, and by a particular visitor who relies on it greatly, I have begun to research the issue and among the many sites I’ve visited in this quest, this one explains the issue in a manner that matches what I had basically felt from my own Biblical study. I doubt it will suffice for the visitor in question, but it is a sensible and logical explanation nonetheless.

The site from which it comes, “The Refiner’s Fire” is an interesting site I intend to examine further, but whether or not one agrees with what they say, I don’t think they are off base at all regarding the issue at hand. As I’ve said, I’ve visited several other sites and have found pretty much the same thing. I just like the way it’s laid out at this site.