This article (I hope it opens for ya) showed up in my email yesterday. It seems like it’s getting even harder to find “fair and balanced” in everyday life. Where does it say that libraries should be the purveyors of morality?

The linked article demonstrates how the infiltration of homosexual enablers has taken hold in what should be a bastion of free thought and diverse points of view. They have embraced the notion of homosexuality as just a downright matter of happiness and rainbows.

Leaving aside for a moment one’s personal opinion of this abhorent, unnatural and perverse behavior, either pro or con, can we not agree that in a setting such as a library there should be no push to one opinion or the other? That in a library we can find viewpoints of either position in order to learn and understand and thereby formulate our own opinions?

Obviously, as we can so easily see in every other aspect of the pro-homosexual movement, truth isn’t the end game. Facts are of little value. All that matters is winning, damn the consequences. That this attitude has now infected even our public AND school libraries illustrates not only the depth of American Descent, but of human descent as well.