She’s back. After a sweet, but altogether brief period, Cindy Sheehan has returned. If anyone wanted to make the case that free speech is a bad idea, they need look no farther than this woman for the perfect example. Though there are several people on the left that make my skin crawl, this woman actually makes it separate from the rest of me.

We can start with her sanctimonious posturing. Sheehan is one of those goofy people who oppose the war because, “all killing is wrong”. The stupidity and naivete of this statement is self-evident and no one puts it out there with all the idiocy inherent within it as does Sheehan. To her, the suffering of the natives in Middle Eastern war zones is laid at the feet of the dread “US MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!!” without ever acknowledging the suffering of the people before we got there. (Hmmm. I guess that was the equally nefarious “US IMPERIALISM!!!“) And of course, the mere statement “all killing is wrong” never includes abortion and apparently means that one’s own death is preferable to the death of the guy trying to murder the one, when such a self-defense killing is the only way to prevent it. She must be one of those lunatics that believes everything can be solved diplomatically, no matter how despotic and wickedly ambitious a radical dictator can be. Such people are the greatest threat to their own security.

Then, of course, is her stance on the wars now being fought. There has been a lot of debate over whether or not we should have gone into Iraq. I believe it was the right move, and something like it should have been done earlier, probably during the first Gulf War of Bush 41 or during Clinton’s years. The list of reasons for doing so was far greater than simply “oil” (and no, I will not list all the reasons yet again) and Hussein was inflicting all sorts of suffering upon his own people for which the Sheehans of the world have little pity and concern. And few had a problem with going into Afghanistan, figuring it to be the real source of our troubles on and around 9/11. Even Barry considered it the true target of our focus (and he’s an idiot).

Sheehan, based on the quotes in the linked piece, seems to be concerned about her own popularity. This is evidenced by her insistance that she is unconcerned if people like her or not. This I doubt highly due to the mere mention of it. If she was truly unconcerned, why bring it up? She digs the attention. So much that she’ll go get it from Hugo Chavez, of all people. Her support of this guy tells you all you need to know about her intelligence and love of country. Why she didn’t stay with her dancing partner, I’ll never know.

Finally, because I’ve already wasted too many keystrokes on the lunatic, is her voice. My goodness! what an assault on the eardrums! It doesn’t just make me want to cover my ears, it makes me want to rip them off and plunge sharp objects into the bloody holes that would be left. When I hear her talk, especially when she is speaking to a crowd and thus raising her voice, I convulse. I flop around uncontrollably slamming my person onto the pavement. It’s like the sound of the Nazgul in Lord of the Rings.

Anyway, what does it say about a person from whom her own family distances themselves? Her return is our suffering. I hope she doesn’t draw much coverage. Please.