I may not have another opportunity, so I will take this moment to say that I’ll be out of town for at least a week, as I go up north to engage in the various orientation necessities of what might be my new job. I don’t know how much me-time I’ll have and to what extent I’ll be able to check the blogs and emails. This process will be a week, and should I not totally screw up, I’ll then go on the road with an instructor. Whether or not I get to come home first, I don’t yet know, though I’m told going right out isn’t the norm, which means I’ll probably have to go right out. Then, being on the road with the instructor is normally about two weeks, though if I impress it’ll be less, if I don’t, it could be a bit longer. Assuming I’m acceptable, I would then go home and then report to a terminal in Gary, IN to get a truck and an assignment. At that point I’m officially a road warrior, putting in enough time to be considered experienced enough for a local gig, which is what I wanted in the first place. The company I’ll be with handles enough different types of shipping that I could very well find a local gig with them, with less experience than others would demand. That is my hope.

So, while I’m gone, be sure to clean up after yourselves, and I’ll try to check via cell phone, if it’s not too much of a pain in the ass to do so. Fight nice.