Yeah, I apologize. Last I heard the unemployment rate was 9.8%. The day after I resign my position it’s 10.2%. I didn’t mean it. I’m just one guy. And hey, I’ve already filled out a couple apps online.

I heard someone say that the number of unemployed is going down every month. It was 190K for Sept or Oct but I haven’t really been watching that. But to say it is slowing doesn’t necessarily mean things are getting better. For the companies that aren’t ready to go completely belly up, they’ve likely cut staff about as much as they can and still function. I mean, just how many jobs are there to lose? If we lose them all, then the rate will have stopped. “Number of new unemployment clams for April? Zero! Hurrah! The economy is improving!”

I know that Barry and his defenders will remind all that the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator. What’s lagging is his ability to stimulate the economy such that jobs will be created that aren’t in gov’t. I will take a second year of this buffoon if he makes like Slick Willy and supports conservative proposals that work. Because I need to work (so I’m told—I don’t feel like I need to, but I do need more sheckels). And the country needs to work. So he’d better get to work instead of fartin’ around with economy damaging health care reform bills.