I’m sorry to say that I’ve applied word verification to my comments section. Didn’t wanna hafta do that, but I’ve been getting spammed. Mostly viagra stuff and for some reason, almost all on the thread entitled, “A Forum For Dan Only”. Can’t imagine why that would be.

According to the instructions, I, as humble host, don’t have to do it and word verification won’t show up when I comment. Thus, I won’t know for sure if I actually enabled it unless one of you tells me it’s there. Let me know please. I’d disable it if anyone can tell me how to shut off comments on a specific thread, such as the one that is getting most of the spam. If the spam shows up on a different thread, then word verify it is. Any thoughts on this possibility?

Also, I know this post will cause some to drop off into “older posts”. I consider the discussion on “Questions for Barry Supporters” to be ongoing still. So feel free to continue the discussion there.