I’ve recently finished reading Newt Gingrich’s book, “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less: A Handbook for Slashing Gas Prices and Solving Our Energy Crisis”. I’ve had it lying about for awhile. I think it came with a magazine subscription. In any case, I finally gave it a read and I must say that this man has a far better grasp of the situation than any lefty tree hugger or Gore-ite I’ve ever seen. He succinctly shows the errors in the arguments of the opposition as he supports the arguments he lays out.

I especially like how he shows what “WE THE PEOPLE” think. Gingrich is a founder of American Solutions for Winning the Future. Their purpose is obvious and they often run surveys to help them in this task. But their results are given in this way: Amongst Republicans (or conservatives), X% feel this way, and Y% feel that way. Amongst Democrats (or liberals), X% feel this way, and Y% feel that way. He does as much for the independents, too. This kind of breakdown gives a more accurate sense of what EVERYBODY feels about a given issue and helps to show that the issue being covered, or the solution for it, has true bipartisan appeal.

Gingrich shows how we got to this point and what needs to change in order to truly free ourselves from our reliance on foreign powers for our energy. But he doesn’t just talk about oil and coal, but alternatives as well. His position is that we need to study and utilize everything we can. Of course, oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear are proven and better than that, all sorts of improvements have been made in the acquisition, refinement and delivery of these fuels. But wind, solar, hydrogen and anything anyone can show to be of value should be researched and developed as well. The idea is being energy independent.

According to Newt’s research, we have enough oil and natural gas within our own territory that we really don’t need foreign oil. And the mere movement toward extracting that oil and gas will in and of itself have a positive impact on prices. This was shown to be true when George W. Bush lifted the presidential moratorium on off shore drilling. The announcement alone caused the price to drop as it lead speculators to figure Congress might lift there’s as well. Immediately, it affected supply just by Bush making the announcement.

And that’s pretty much an example of how easy we can pay less than we are now, and actual development of new refineries, real exploration with the purpose of extracting what’s found will only cause the price to drop further. And Newt shows how that’s already past the preparation stage and merely awaiting the environmental wackos to get the hell out of the way. What’s holding us back is bad government policy, regulation and litigation.

Newt believes that if we attacked this issue the same way we handled things during WWII, we can be well on our way to energy independence in far less than the ten years the lefty idiots think it’ll take. When we needed ships and planes and ammo to win the fight against Nazi fascism, we all pitched in and got the job done. We did it all and we did it all at once. The same attitude can solve the energy situation. All of our energy dollars will eventually be going back into our own country rather than into the pockets of those foreign powers that really don’t much care for us. We don’t need to use less oil. By the time we run out, we could have its replacement ready to go. Those two reasons alone are worth getting started. Call your reps now.

Here’s something else you should know: Newt’s ideas for stimulating the jobs situation is equally eluminating. Barry and Co don’t have clue one about how business works. Less than ten percent of his administration has private sector experience. He still thinks more stimulus packages will do it. What a complete idiot. Go to AmericanSolutions.com and see what real solutions look like and for all you lefty Dem supporters, stop pretending the right-wing has no alternatives. Compared to what the right has, the left has only destruction in mind. Talk about taking us in the wrong direction! But the best part of AmericanSolutions is that they really welcome input from their readers and members.