In a recent post I reviewed Newt Gingrich’s book about the “energy crisis” and what can be done to free us from dependence on foreign energy sources and do so now. Part of the book dealt with obstructions to our use of our own natural resources. In general, it speaks of the environmental extremists, AKA “wackos”, who are making an appearance now in Copenhagen. That’s really kinda funny considering they are protesting other wackos.

But wackos aren’t the only obstructionists. Of course, there are those who would profit by the status quo. This article suggests who some of these scumbags might be. Some, like Dan, would have us believe that the energy producers of this country are the evil doers who should be of great concern to us. He would not want only industry people deciding how to oversee and guide big oil/coal to do the right thing. I think they’re doing OK as it is. Who would watch over them honestly? Those highlighted in the article? How can we properly check out and qualify those who would watch the industry people?

That oil/coal/natural gas/nuclear people are looking to make profits by providing energy is no secret. It’s not even wrong. Assuming they can’t be trusted to do that in an ethical manner is. The article points out those that aren’t quite acting out of concern for America, the environment or anything else like that. Money is driving many of those on the “green” side of these issues. Al Gore is making mounds of money preaching his global warming crap. Scientists and researchers depend on grants given only to those who further the “consensus” opinion. And we know that third world, despot-lead countries are foaming at the mouth at the thought of US dollars spent to “level the playing field” that is the “fight against climate change”. All the while, we go broke, and our enemies get richer with funds we could be spending at home. (More “brilliance”, I suppose.)

Of course, it is only fair to say that there are truly sincere people amongst the greenies who really believe that the world would be a better place without technology, that we should back off on “consumerism” (as if that is all that drives progress) and go back to the land. I’m sure they’ll feel just as strongly as their loved ones die because they couldn’t peddle the bicycle fast enough to get them to a hospital. These people are simply deluded. Progress will bring negative aspects along with the positives, which in my opinion, far outweigh the bad and which we can mitigate as we go.

I am far more concerned with the motives of those who interfere with American industry tapping our resources. They assume evil intent on the part of those who bring about so much good, but ignore the alternatives that we all experienced before progress came about. What’s worse, among them are the real evil ones who truly have only profits in mind as they work to prohibit that which can free us from dependence on foreign oil.