Take a look at this AmericanThinker blog posting. It’s brief, but it speaks volumes as to the arrogance of Obama and other Copenhagen “leaders”. As far as I know, only Halle Berry can control the weather. These fools, with our very own President Barry Obama among them, think they can actually “cap” the rate of temperature change on earth. Well, OK. I can do that in my home, though even when I set my thermostat, the temp has to drop a bit in order for the furnace to kick on, then, it actually ebbs a bit higher than the set temperature before it shuts down. What brilliance will be in play for the messiah to actually tell the sun to shine just a bit less?

How can anyone not look upon these idiots in Copenhagen as a collection of total buffoons and lunatics? I’m all for cleaner manufacturing, cars and trucks, less harmful emissions from our cattle, less pollution overall. Who isn’t? But I in no way wish to ever be associated with anyone who actually thinks they can control the weather, who thinks man is capable of causing temperatures to rise to a level that would melt the polar ice caps, who thinks we have only 5, 10 or 15 years to act or we are all doomed. As the blog piece highlighted, Barry campaigned on such foolishness. Would not a brilliant man avoid such hyperbole? Would not a brilliant man see the stupidity of daring to make deals for controlling the rise of temperature? What if they fail? What then? How do they determine who’s at fault and what is the price that must be paid? I’m sure that’s an easy one. It’ll be America’s fault because for our president, so much of the world’s ills are because of us. Whether that would be the case or not, I’m sure failure to cap temperature fluctuations will mean more of OUR tax dollars will be “redistributed”.

How did this idiot become our president? How did so many of my fellow Americans become so stupid as to believe he should be?