I had decided to visit some of the lefty blogs listed below in recent days. Since Dan visits here often, willing to stand firmly for what he believes, as wrong as that is, I hit a post or two over there. Only Alan, charmless as ever, had given me any crap. That’s OK. I can take it and actually relish even that back and forth. I’ll spar with anyone, literally or rhetorically.

Then I went to Geoffrey’s place, “What’s Left in the Church”. Apparently poor Geoffie doesn’t want to play anymore. He made a comment in one of his posts regarding whether or not anyone even reads his stuff anymore. Indeed, as I went through about half a dozen, there were no comments on any of them. Of course there are now, because I made some, and since then, he’s made mostly childish responses, as has his “sis” and ER. Sad. Geoffies has never really been much in the debate department. He’ll make noise about conservatism, pointing to specific people, like Newt Gingrich for example, while never explaining why he trashes them. I’ve always found this odd considering Geoffie seems to be well read. You’d think he’d be able to make some sort of supporting argument. But he’s devolved into a bitchy little trash talker and doesn’t support any of his charges at all. Actually he never really did, but he’d at least fake it momentarily before pretending it’s all so tiring to spend time explaining himself. What a fraud.

That kinda takes the wind outta my sails as far as visiting the other blogs. I’ll give them a try later and I hope I find a better quality of lib when I do. Geoffie-boy’s giving them a bad name right now.

In the meantime, I continue to welcome all comers to THIS happy blog, where even the likes of a Feodor can come and engage in debate (if he thinks he can without the usual tiresome arrogance and condescension). Geoffie is also welcome if he feels all jerked out back at his circle. I maintain that I can be persuaded should anyone be persuasive. In religion and politics, it does matter what one thinks and believes.