It may be that we’ve now lost Dan Trabue. Hard to say with him. He may only have bailed on that specific discussion. The thing is, it always comes up again, both here and elsewhere, including his own blog. But just as recent posts have suggested, he has bailed in the typical manner. I guess that’s just the way it is with those on the left.

Some may say it’s good riddance. That may be true for them at their blogs and I have no problem with how others choose to maintain their own. Me, I like the back and forth, even if it seems futile, non-productive and when it gets boring even for me to continue (because that passes and I get back into it).

But I won’t apologize for my style of engagement. Charges that I’m stubborn, hateful, mean-spirited and the like are rank bullshit. I’m a great guy. I’m a regular fuzzy puppy. Soft and cuddly (especially since I haven’t worked out in months). But I am intolerant. Oh, I tolerate people who are different, that is, those who don’t articulate well, those that misspell words, those who need a few explanations in order to get it.

But I don’t, not “won’t”, “DON’T” tolerate stupid, silly or wacky opinions. I don’t tolerate opposing opinions. Sure, all have the right to express them. But I don’t have to respect those opinions, and I don’t show respect by pretending there’s validity in every opinion presented. I expect those opposing opinions to be defended until they can no longer be. I find it far more respectful of others to show them the error of their ways. And I’m respectful in hearing out those opinions when they are presented respectfully. But if it’s weak, it’s weak. If it’s crap, it’s crap. It’s best you find out as quickly as possible without any tap dancing. I’ll explain why I think so. I hope my opponents will do as much for me. Don’t bore me with accusations about my character just because you can’t make your case. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.