I came across this article in my email inbox and found evidence of what has been said before, yet denied by the activists and enablers. Homosexuals aren’t interested in monogamy in the traditional sense. They aren’t interested in marriage in the traditional sense. And despite the fact that there are cases of heteros willingly engaging in wife-swapping, in inviting a third party to the conjugal bed, and other deviancies, that has never been considered, to say the least, typical of what a marriage or monogamy is or is meant to be.

There is little doubt that the main drive is to redefine both marriage and family so as to accomodate every perversion possible. Michelle O’Mara suggests that everyone finds ways to make their relationships work. By this she implies that it isn’t a matter of submitting one’s self to the traditional sacrificial aspects of a true union, but instead, finding ways to accomodate each individual’s personal desires.

This is ass-backwards. We have marriage, wherein a man and a woman willingly bind themselves to each other for life to become as one unit manifested in the compact of fidelity to each other. That is marriage. Not one man with another man, or woman with another woman, or any other arrangement with no fidelity. They are trying to redefine the whole game to their own satisfaction due to their personal weakness regarding with whom they choose to have sex.

Dan Savage, who twice has engaged in “three-ways” with his “husband” says this: “The culture says if there is love there is no desire for others and that makes people–essentially puts them at war with their own instincts and leads to lies and deceit because you’re lying and deceiving yourself.”

I don’t know of which culture he speaks, but I don’t think that’s the case in the one in which I live. I’ve heard people say that, and it’s surely a romantic notion, but I’ve never known that to be a given. In fact, the standard and traditional set of marital vows makes that notion quite naive. Why would each party have to vow to love each other from this day forward in good times and bad, for better for worse, etc, etc, etc forsaking all others and such ’till death do they part? Right there it suggests to me that temptations will not be magically rendered non-existent, and like all other temptations we are to resist them, rise above them and do the right freakin’ thing. I do not lie to myself about being attracted to other women. I simply do not allow myself to be ruled by those attractions. That’s not lying. That’s being a man.

Then of course there’s the whole monogamy thing. I don’t think it is typical in the hetero world that both parties agree to open relationships. But according to the small Lowen and Spears study, 40% of the homos begin their relationships with an open arrangement while the remaining percentage get to it eventually. I don’t think you find those numbers in hetero situations. And when you do find a party looking outside his/her vows, they’re doing it on the sly whilst the other remains committed.

We’re expected to change our laws to accomodate a segment of the population that even within itself has few that really care about true devotion to their partners. And that strengthens the institution how, exactly?