We who didn’t buy it were called all sorts of things by the sophisticated adherents. We were rubes who didn’t understand science. And of course, those professionals who also denied were criticized as being less than theirs, not really qualified, or worse, paid to deny by corporations who stood to profit by our destruction.

But now we see a blizzard of evidence indicating that it is the adherents who have been less than honest. We have a rising tide, as it were, of contrary info that shows that the adherents were less than selfless in their research.

This Selwyn Duke article lists a litany of abuses and questionable practices by those who have championed the AGW sham upon the world. There are many such sources available now showing how tax money was stolen for the sake of this nonsense. Imagine if the Copenhagen talks went better for the warmists! Imagine if Bush had signed on to Kyoto! The money that would have been wasted would have been more than criminal, it would have been demonic. And we still have politicians in this country that are looking at cap & tax policies, looking to force stricter regulations that can cripple job growth.

What it comes down to is that we just missed a financial catastrophy and wiping our brows and gasping, “Whew! That was close!” is about right. But as Duke suggests, it ain’t quite over and we must push those who intended to foist upon us this crapola and bring them all out into the light of our warming sun and determine if criminal charges are in order for any of them.

In the meantime, we can now enjoy those who cling to the lie and laugh as they have little left but to try and pretend we don’t know the difference between weather and climate because we use recent snowstorms to mock the warmists. Their overinflated sense of superiority is always good for a few chuckles.

P.S. It should be re-stated, because many on the left will always seek to try to pretend we don’t care, that the state of our environment is always a righteous concern for all. Though the weather is beyond our ability to improve or destroy, we can muck up the earth if we aren’t careful. Let’s not be pigs and let’s punish those who are.