As anyone knows who has bothered to follow the post entitled “A Mature and Reasoned Objection”, little Danny Trabue has now taken his ball and left. Oh, he’ll respond to Craig’s comments, but that won’t last for I detect Craig experiencing the same frustration as anyone of common sense who seeks to engage with Dan. Lil’ Danny will soon level charges of slander and false witness when Craig doesn’t buy Danny’s poor defense for his indefensible positions.

So again we see that as always, the lefty bolts when he can no longer defend his position rather than admit that, at the least, he might have to back off and reconsider either his argument or ours before proceeding. No. It would be catastrophic to have to admit being wrong, even if being wrong puts one’s salvation at risk.

As I seek to better understand my God and the world around me, I offer this blog as a vehicle for all who wish to not only express their opinions, but defend them so as to enlighten those who might need enlightenment, myself in particular. What I get instead is leftist bloviating, condescension, and an overall unwillingness to consider the opinions of others. This is something, ironically, of which we are so often accused by them. The hypocrisy of the liberal/progressive/marxist/socialist/etc (terms that are interchangable in reality, if not definition), knows no bounds.

But Lil’ Danny is a special case. Unlike the other leftists who have booked from these welcoming confines after having failed to plug the holes in their arguments, Dan has gone a step further by leaving after the usual whinefest with a slew of lies left to sully the furniture. He then chose to ignore any further comments by Bubba and myself, except for one begun by calling me “the man of slander”, as if I actually slandered anyone.

So I took my responses to his charges to his blog where he then proceeded to blatantly mistinterpret them. When I took the time to correct THOSE lies, he deleted my comments, leaving one of his own suggesting that I was lying some more. Dan Trabue has proven himself to not only have a poor understanding of the Christian faith, but that he is a hypocrite, liar and a slanderer.

He’s a contemptable and pathetic figure and really has always been so, seeking to present himself as pious and sanctimonious, but always revealing his true self when others expose the errors of his understanding, casting aspersions on the critic’s character and motivations not suggested by his words. Yet, his own words are the basis of the conclusions of his critics. His clarifications cement rather than alter those conclusions. Nothing that is said of him has ever come from any other source than himself.

Here at Marshall Art’s, I have only deleted the comments of those who’s language was severely profane or offensive (in MY opinion). The only exception would be the comments of Feodor, who is a special case because of his pompous arrogance and condescension not supported by any evidence of higher intelligence and the fact that his comments so often bear no relation to the topic. (He doesn’t stray toward a tangent, he jumps to something totally unrelated—and he bores me.)

But real discussion is always left as it stands for the reader (should there be one) to decide for himself who is being logical or illogical, truthful or untruthful, sensible or nonsensical. I have no fear of being shown to be lacking in any area of thought. I wish I could say the same for my opponents. I have no need to lie about anyone or anything as I have the truth on my side and the truth speaks for itself.

Good luck to you Dan. Like all the others who have run like wussies, you are always free to return. I’ll probably leave more comments for you to delete or dismiss without an intelligent rebuttal, which is apparently what you do now. And anytime you think you can demonstrate that I truly owe you an apology, that you can demonstrate that I have truly lied or slandered either you or your church, feel free to do so and an apology will be quickly offered. The fact is, no lies or slanders came from my mouth and if you had any courage, you would have let your readers see that instead of depriving them the truth.