In the previous post, I mentioned a protester at a local rally wondering if armed revolt is warranted should Obamacare pass the House vote. Bubba reminded that such an option should not be dismissed and may indeed be necessary at some undefined point in the future. Dan jumped on it as if there are actual plans afoot to bring about such a response. Of course, he thinks this is a done deal as do many libs who can’t see past the rhetoric to understand what is really going on.

This excellent J.R. Dunn article clearly points out a number of reasons that underline my belief that armed rebellion is not close to necessity. He adds some that didn’t come to mind.

Consider also the fact that members of Barry’s own party required bribery to cast a “yes” vote. Only the totally corrupted liberal (almost a redundancy) would overlook such a thing and constituents of those who were so bribed will not likely forget, especially if they are among the first who’s taxes will rise as a result of the bill’s passage.

There are also, as the article suggests, those who voted for Obama not to support him, but to punish the GOP. Now they fully understand the warnings and pleadings of their more rational compadres.

Add to that the actions already underway across the nation and the numbers willing to continue the vocalizations of the people begun by the Tea Party Movement and Barry’s gonna have his tobacco stained hands busy. My oldest friend (who is a lib) spoke of his having optimism for our nation. Maybe this is what he meant