I saw these articles over at Wintery Knight’s blog. He always has such good material and is worth a gander with regularity. These Canadian articles were so good that I had to link to them here. Read them. They’re excellent.

The first is an article by a guy named Rex Murphy and is an article explaining to the Canadians who Sarah Palin is. I put it here because he understands far better than do so many of her fellow Americans and quasi-Americans.

The second is also a Rex Murphy piece and it speaks to a different matter altogether. In this one, he reports on the state of human rights in Canada. It’s an important piece because of what it portends for us if we continue to adopt the same inane attitudes regarding what does or does not constitute “human rights”. It’s important to remember such as this:

“The core concept of human rights is the protection of the irreducible safety and dignity of the individual from the massive and arbitrary power of the state. Not, the state wandering in, with its apparatus and procedures, its boards and tribunals into the doings, or speech, of the individual.”

This is not merely a Canadian concept here, but something that is very American in understanding the place of the state versus the value of the individual. Murphy speaks of two specific cases of politically correct insanity (both involving “different” people) that cannot help but be in our own future should the wrong people (read=Obama &Co) be in charge for too long. He then asks,

“For this, did the great armies of the West storm the beaches of Normandy? For this, did Solzhenitsyn and Sharansky endure their endless nights of hell in the gulag?”

Indeed. What passes for rights these days would make many of bygone days roll over in their graves.

Finally, Howard Levitt followed up the above Murphy column with one of his own regarding employment. This, too, has implications for our country as this administration plays footsy with the unions. What results is a confusion over rights. Namely, who has them?

To say that we are headed in the direction the second and third articles describe is hardly a point of debate. We see it all the time in the constant whining for “gay” rights and the debate over Card Check and investigations into SEIU. We’re only six and one half months away from correcting the drastic mistake of the electorate in November of 2008. Only 6.5 months to hold off this administration from further damaging our nation. And this administration will continue to berate those who see things clearly and speak with logic and common sense. People like Sarah Palin for example who, like Murphy understands all to well, is far more intelligent than the Obamaniacs have the courage to admit.