I had been wanting to address this oil leak disaster for awhile now. I wasn’t sure from which angle to do so. I was leaning toward simply discussing that as bad as this disaster is, it should not push us away from drilling more. There is still the little matter of getting too much of our oil from nations that don’t much care for us, and sending them money to get it, money that is surely used to increase their own power and ability to mess with us.

But that just seemed so incredibly obvious. We didn’t stop space exploration when the Challenger blew up. Why should we stop extracting our own resources and spend the money here just because a rig blew up? We’ll surely have improved our ability to prevent another such disaster. Indeed, if redundant safety measures not in use can be proven to have prevented this mess, then the issue is moot. Drill, baby, drill!

I could have jumped on the slow reaction time of Obama to this crisis and ask, “Why does Barry hate black people?” It’s been two months now. When the Exxon-Valdez spill occurred, Geo HW Bush was chastised by the press only fifteen days into the situation. Dems were demanding swift action, damnit!

But then, in the last thread, Dan hit on it (thanks, Dan). The perfect angle!

As you may recall, gentle reader, in our last episode, I was making a couple of points about illegal immigration based on info not commonly expressed in the media. One of these was the incredible mess left behind by the invaders. It was and still is my contention that those who weep so many tears for the plight of illegal invaders who trespass across our border and then undeservedly avail themselves of the incredible bounty of these here United States should go down to Arizon and clean up after these poor unfortunate souls who’s own country doesn’t give a flyin’ rat’s ass about them. I mean, it’s only fair considering how those of us who understand that abortion destroys a real person are expected to adopt and be responsible for the unwanted unborn, so to should those who care so desperately for the illegals who don’t care about our laws be made to adopt and be responsible for them.

But Dan, in a weak attempt that for him must pass for being clever, suggested that I have no credibility regarding the environment because, I guess, I support the move to drill here, drill now (Baby!). According to Dan, he’ll worry about the despoiled Arizona desert when I worry about the Gulf, as if I don’t already. A few problems here with the first being that the Gulf has nothing to do with the topic I was covering. Next, in the case of the Gulf, where drilling I support makes me culpable somehow, clean-up efforts by those responsible were ongoing, whereas the mess made by illegals was NOT being cleaned up by either those responsible or those, like Dan, who support them.

Dan goes on to try to compare the extent of the damage and who and what is affected by it and thinks he’s scored as a result. But of course, illegals destroyed the World Trade Center, killed many and deprived many more of jobs and income. So, by Dan’s math, he’s still in the hole. But what’s worse was made more clear to me by this article. In it, Henry Wickham, the author, shows just how much the tree-huggers are responsible for this disaster as well. Their obstructionist actions regarding drilling in more reasonable locales has to be included if one wants to honestly think in terms of blame, because really, why would anyone want to drill a mile below the ocean’s surface in the first place when there are plenty of safer and less expensive places to extract what is so wanted and needed? I tell ya, that ANWAR is lookin’ a whole lot better now!

What this comes down to is the typical manifestation of the law of unintended consequences so often experienced following the implementation of most lefty proposals. A good rule of thumb would be that if a lefty has a plan, don’t let it become law until it is properly scrutinized by smarter people. Likely as not, it’ll end up hurting far more than it helps.