I saw this and just had to post it. For someone who’s a lefty, Whoopie Goldberg has always impressed me as someone who sometimes has a decent perspective, depending on the issue. On this issue of the recent Mel Gibson tirade, I am in total agreement with her, that the use of racial epithets does not indicate even latent racism within the, uh, “spewer”. She makes a remark about being cut off in the car and how her emotions make her lash out. Few could honestly deny doing something similar. When emotions are high, intelligence is low. This is a fact and during emotional times, everyone is stupid and many say stupid things that don’t really imply anything more than being emotional and then saying something stupid. I mean, how could Gibson be considered racist for saying such words to his girlfriend? It doesn’t make sense. He’s not a racist. He’s pissed off. There’s a difference. If he was a racist, he’d never have been with the woman to begin with.

At the same time, I see his name all over the internet. It’s on the yahoo home page regarding hot topics. And it’s in the news on TV. What I should be seeing more of is REAL racism that is being perpetrated by that Black Panther dude insisting that a good black man should be killing “crackers” (I love that eptithet! I’m happy to be referred to in such a happy way! Of all the things I could be called, that one just brings a smile to my face. “I hate that cracker! He kept smiling while I beat his ass!”)

But that’s REAL racism. Calling names is just calling names. Being pissed isn’t racism, and being pissed while drunk isn’t racism. Should Mel lose business because of his personal life? Too many in his line haven’t over things I think are worse, or at least no better. He also carries the stigma of daring to believe in God, even though he too often displays his own imperfection (he NEEDS Jesus, doesn’t he? Don’t we all!) I’ll still see his movies. I find the guy entertaining. I hope he finds a way to deal with whatever demons possess him. He used to be a source of pride with a previously long-standing marriage, lots of kids and even his own chapel on his property. But he’s obviously got issues with booze and rage. May he find peace and may the rest of us get over this race-baiting when no racism really exists.