The title of this post is take from this American Thinker article. It would have been nice to have had it available while the discussion two posts below was still in gear, but it’ll do nicely enough here. That some, even some on the right, steer clear of the word in relation to the Socialist-in-Chief, one cannot dismiss his upbringing, his own recorded words (in print, on tape and video) and of course his actions, some of which the article discusses. The reality is that Obama backers, leftists and even those disturbing souls on the right can only deny. They cannot defend against the truth. This Obumble is a socialist (as well as an idiot).

There is only one aspect where I might diverge from the author, and that has to do with just how far he’ll go, or how far he’ll set up the next socialist (should the nation not get the message soon) toward actual socialism of the type that even the lefties CAN’T deny. He might settle for the level of control he now has for awhile. But why would he stop there?