This AP report demonstrates why it is so important to know as much as possible about a presidential candidate, lest he appoint an idiot to federal courts. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton put a hold on several aspects of the new AZ law which goes into effect Thursday. There are several questionable aspects of her ruling:

“Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully-present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked,”

Apparently, she believes that the federal requirement that lawful aliens maintain legal identification on their persons at all times is a restriction on their liberty. Can you say “ass-backwards”? Having proper ID is what maintains the liberty of a lawfully-present alien. This is true for actual citizens as well. If I am pulled over for a traffic violation, my liberty will be in jeopardy if I don’t have any ID, since I’m supposed to have my driver’s license with my while driving. If I am merely walking the street and suspected of a crime, perhaps due to a physical resemblance to a wanted individual, my liberty will be suspended if I have no ID to prove who I am, or rather, that I am NOT the person they seek. (The horrors! I would have been profiled for my resemblance to the wanted dude!)

Further stupidity in the above quote is the implied notion that for AZ officials to wonder as to the legal status of anyone arrested and without ID is somehow foreign. Worse, is the implication that there is any less burden on the arrested “legally-present” alien if their arrest came about though federal action. In fact, would it be more or less a burden on their liberty if the crime for which they were arrested was a federal crime? In some cases, I would suspect that local cops make the arrest, but hold the suspect until the feds arrive. Since the feds don’t work out of local police stations, there’d be a wait involved.

The judge put a hold on parts of the law that “…made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit employment in public places.”

Is this legal at all anywhere in this country? Why is it a problem here, where so many citizens, some legal aliens, are trying to find work?

“She ruled that the controversial sections should be put on hold until the courts resolve the issues.”

This would have been nice had they done as much for other states, like Missouri and California, that already have similar laws in place, and for the federal law itself, already in effect and unenforced.

“Opponents argued the law will lead to racial profiling…” dishonest fear mongering of the worst kind. Playing the race card in order to enable law-breaking is reprehensible despite how typical it is. “…conflict with federal immigration law…” it can’t conflict if it was patterned upon that very federal law. It aligns with federal law. “…and distract local police from fighting more serious crimes.” as does stopping motorists for broken taillights. What a BS argument. The concern for “serious” crime is a sham and only mentioned to support an already weak argument for the open borders crowd. It is used in arguments for legalizing recreational drugs. It is used for arguing against laws that restrict whatever the advocate wants to support.

“There is a substantial likelihood that officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens under the new (law),” Bolton ruled. “By enforcing this statute, Arizona would impose a ‘distinct, unusual and extraordinary’ burden on legal resident aliens that only the federal government has the authority to impose.”

First of all, “substantial likelihood”? Says who? There is always a likelihood that cops will arrest an innocent person. So what? That’s what lawyers and one’s day in court is for. That’s what the court system is for, to determine whether an arrest is just or not. It’s more abject fear-mongering, once again playing on the racial aspects of the situation.

Secondly, no “‘distinct, unusual and extraordinary’ burden” is imposed on ANY legal alien who has legitimate ID as they are lawfully required to have at all times. And really, what difference does it make WHO imposes this so-called “‘distinct, unusual and extraordinary’ burden”, as long as it is lawfully imposed?

“Federal authorities who are trying to overturn the law have argued that letting the Arizona law stand would create a patchwork of immigration laws nationwide that would needlessly complicate the foreign relations of the United States. Federal lawyers said the law is disrupting U.S. relations with Mexico and other countries and would burden the agency that responds to immigration-status inquiries.”

There’s no patchwork if all states enact laws that are patterned on the federal law as AZ has done. This argument is incredibly stupid coming from “authorities”. And if maintaining and enforcing existing federal law “complicates the foreign relations of the United States”, then I would suggest that those engaged in said relations need to be replaced as they apparently are willing to trade our sovereignty and duty to our own citizens in order to bribe other nations to be friendly. Screw that. I’ll take John Bolton over such weasels any day of the week.

But here’s the one silver lining and it’s a lesson for the nation, but mostly for the fools who are opposing the AZ law:

“It also led an unknown number of illegal immigrants to leave Arizona for other American states or their home countries.”

And that’s the point. DUH! Hello! Idiot lefty fools? Are you listening?

Imagine every state adopting the AZ example! This is evidence of what the anti-comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty people have been saying all along. You enforce the law and illegal trespassers leave. We won’t have to “round up all 12+ million illegals”, like some boneheads like to argue. Enforcing the laws already on the books is enough to make their decision to invade and stay unprofitable and uncomfortable. Rather than busting our collective asses to accommodate them, enforcing the laws makes them bust their asses to accommodate the country into which they mean to trespass. If you are illegally here, go back whence you came and get in the back of the line formed along the already established pathway to citizenship. While it is still there. I’d prefer it be closed for the next decade.