This littl snippet gives us some insights from the perspective of ICE officers toward ICE brass. I especially love the part where illegals who are criminals will voluntarily turn themselves in order to get a free ride home knowing they can easily return. They don’t get put through any trial for their crimes committed here because ICE isn’t equipped to do much more but deport. The article also indicates some things aren’t always so bad for those awaiting deportation. Apparently, Obama admin people just refuse to see the dangers of an unprotected border and lax immigration policies.

In a side note, a lib columnist appearing in my local paper has tried to convince readers that Obama is doing more than Bush in deporting illegals. But based on the the report of ICE agents, how many of those being deported had been deported before, and how many times, is now in question. If numbers are heavily comprised of previously deported illegals, then there’s really nothing about which anyone on the left should brag. It’s all been a big farce. Of course, that pretty much describes this presidency.