Why Apologize?

Steve Raushenberger came in second in the Illinois GOP primary vote for US Senator to Jack Ryan, whose opponent wound up being one Barack Hussein Obama. When Ryan dropped out of the campaign after his “sealed” divorce documents were to be opened for all the world to see (what’s the point in sealing them?), the Illinois GOP, in a staggering display of stupidity, tapped Alan Keyes to take Ryan’s place. Though I like Keyes, I thought the smart move was to go with the runner up in the primary, Raushenberger, and throw all support behind him. The result of the GOP decision was disastrous and now look where we are.

Now, Raushenberger is vying for state senator and recently, following a debate or interview, apologized for having called “gay marriage” abnormal. My question is why would anyone apologize for speaking the truth? I think Raushy is a bright guy, but I think he should have stood firmly behind what I’m sure he knows is true. The issue of normalcy is separate from what the homo lobby sees as civil rights. Though the latter is debatable (barely), the former is a self-evident fact.

Hostage Crisis

The current blather from the White House and Dem leadership is that the Republicans are holding the middle class tax cuts hostage in order to benefit the wealthy. This level of gall should not be surprising to anyone. It has constantly been said by the same people that the Bush tax cuts were unfunded, as if funding is necessary to slash taxes. The fact is that spending should have been cut at the same time, and current spending should never have been implemented. The lefty point of view is what is known as “bass-ackwards”. There should have been no spending that was not within the current levels of incoming revenues. No doubt spending was done with the aim of having as much of the Bush cuts lapse as could be gotten away with.

But to suggest that it is the Republicans who are holding the cuts hostage is nonsense. The tax rates are what they are to the extent Bush was able to get them reduced, which means also to the limits of time he was able to secure. People with actual brain matter understand that letting the cuts expire is a tax hike. The right wants everyone to continue benefitting from the current rate, particularly now during bad economic times, and that would include those with the greatest impact on job creation. The left prefers the lie that those people should be footing the bill for whatever wacky federal expenditure the Dems can dream up. But they don’t care enough about the middle class, or those lower who no longer had to pay since the Bush cuts went into effect, to allow the greatest producers to keep what they’ve earned. So it is Obama & Co. who is REALLY holding the middle class cuts hostage. The bastards.

Where’s The Outrage?

I just heard a story in the past couple of days that Obama is looking for ways to scrutinize our internet conversations in an attempt to head off terrorist activity. It seems that the baddies have taken to using the world wide web to communicate and do so by extreme routing methods that make getting a warrant useless. Hmmmm. Didn’t we hear all sorts of wailing over similar actions by Bush and his security people when they sought to tap certain phone calls? Why aren’t those same people whining about Obama hacking into emails and tweets and such?

It was never about civil rights and the right to privacy and other such things during the Bush years. It was about Bush-bashing, plainly and simply. With the Dems we’ve had the great misfortune to suffer over the past twenty years or so, let no one believe that any of them give a flying rat’s patoot about anything other than gaining and maintaining power.

Bear Down

Allow me to take this opportunity to puff out the chest in celebration of the dominance of the Chicago Bears. OK, OK, back off. They look like crap much of the time with just enough stuff to stay in the game to allow a big play to win the day. Detroit doesn’t know how to win, Dallas ain’t America’s team and Green Bay just beat the crap out of themselves on the Monday Night stage.

But we’re 3-0 and that’s all that matters right now. What’s more, with the way the New York looks, together with some starters being injured, 4-0 seems more than likely. At that point, the Bears will be believing they can win for real and hopefully have their downsides pushed upwards enough to do so. I’m not totally on the bandwagon yet (though I am always in their corner), but I’m definitely driving right behind them.

Hey Mark! How ’bout dem Chiefs?