As this Americans for Truth article points out, groups like GLAAD aren’t all that concerned about hate speech and bigotry after all.

After a recent incident on the court, wherein Kobe Bryant hurled a slur at a ref after the ref made a call with which Kobe disagreed, the skies darkened, the earth shook, and GLAAD and other pro-homo activists shrieked in dismay that Kobe would dare utter an eptithet they consider to be THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD!!!! How dare he? He needs a beating and severe psychological re-formatting!

So the Lakers and church groups (most likely liberally-leaning church groups) and GLAAD has gotten together to fight against such awful things.

Yet, as we see from the linked article, they don’t much care about hate speech and bigotry really. What they care about is their idea of hate speech and bigotry, that anything that is opposed to their agenda be considered hateful and bigoted. It isn’t hate speech that bothers them, but to whom the speech is directed and from whom it is spoken.

This is a typically leftist situation. At another blog I visit, I’m often warned against incivility, but recently compadres of the host have been given carte blanche to open fire upon me. (Don’t worry—I can take it—no one there is clever enough in the art of insult to do more than make fools of themselves by attempting any)

GLAAD honoring such a scumbag as they have proves the point I’m making here. Because the left, and homo-enabling outfits like GLAAD, have decided that homosexuality is normal and equal morally to heterosexuality, they spend a lot of effort trying to convince the world that the least opposition to their cause is tantamount to hate. When such sad and pathetic people can successfully demonize those who are the right side of the issue being debated, it scares off the weaker among us from standing for truth and honesty, and makes their lame arguments and evidences easier to swallow. Well, not so much easier, but people have pretend it doesn’t taste so bad.

Well, some of us know their nonsense is poisonous to our culture and are not content to simply let them take control of the debate without a fight. Their position is based on lies and lies must be opposed.

Continue to fight. Continue to pray for their repentence. Continue to provide avenues to address their condition so that they may learn to deal with their temptations like adults are supposed to. They’re still people despite how corrupted they are and they need help.