As this article illustrates nicely, hypocrisy is routine amongst supporters of abnormal sexual practice. Note the nasty things the author of the Gawker piece says about those with whom he disagrees.

Now, I understand the urge to mock those with different views. I’m not beyond that myself. But when the mockery comes from those who criticize those who mock them, it’s hypocrisy. Worse, the mockery they lament is framed as hatred and bigotry, the worst thing in the world, and even God is guilty if what some Christians say is true about the Biblical prohibition against all forms and manifestations of their favored sexual practices.

At the same time, what choice to they have? They have no legitimate defense of their position. Pretending the other side is evil, stupid or backward and mocking them for it is about all they can do, short of acknowledging their problem and/or ignoring the truth.