I really hadn’t intended on doing only Agenda Lies posts, but this came up on a local radio show, and I couldn’t let it go without comment.

Those who push the “agenda that doesn’t exist” have long insisted that concerns about a slippery slope are an overblown concern without merit. Rick Santorum, not so many years ago, got all sorts of heat for daring to suggest a relationship between homosexuality and other sexual sins and misbehaviors, that tolerating one leads to tolerating all. “Complete hysterical nonsense!” they cried, implying that only disordered homophobia could cause anyone to suggest such a thing.

Yet, what Santorum and others like him have so easily seen is coming to pass. We already have witnessed the beginnings of the push to legitimize polygamous marriages. As predicted (as if a special supernatural gift of prophecy was required to do so), the exact same arguments are being used to make the case that loving, committed varying numbers of people should be allowed to have their unions recognized and sanctioned by the state. How dare anyone judge them wrongly? How dare anyone try to force their religion down their throats?



Now we have the above linked article describing something very familiar, but far more onerous than what has already come to pass. Just as we saw back in the early ’70s, where pressure from homosexual activists led to removal of homosexuality from the APA’s list of mental disorders, we now have pressure from child molesters working to do the same for pedophilia. Can bestiality be far behind? It’s becoming less and less unreasonable to suppose that it isn’t.

You’ll note in the linked article that it all sounds so very familiar. The story is true. Only the deviancy has been changed to protect the “rights” of a different set of perverts.

How did we come to this? It’s not hard to understand. It’s the result of a complete abdication of resolve in upholding traditional standards of morality and virtue. It is not uncommon, even among conservatives, to hear that we need to set aside concern for social matters in our politics. Seems pretty damned clear that we’ve been doing exactly that for far too long. Did homosexuals cause this? No. Of course not. But the activists pushing the agenda that doesn’t exist is a distinctly combustible log on the fire of moral decline in our nation, begun with the “free love” jokers of the 1960s and the Hugh Hefners that encouraged it. The door between a virtuous nation and a totally depraved one was never cast-iron. It was never more than a screen door with no lock. And those jokers and Hefners ripped it off its hinges and cast it aside in some self-gratifying but false notion of personal freedom.

And now children are at risk. Recently, two fellow bloggers spoke on the notion of “slippery slopes” and whether that term is accurate in how it is used. One suggested it is really a cliff off of which we have voluntarily jumped. Doesn’t matter. The decline is speedy either way. And another Agenda Lie is exposed.