These days when people ask someone, “How was your vacation?” the common response is so often, “Too short.”

Well, Parkie’s been posting comments again after an absence that has indeed been WAY too short. Naturally, he’s been posting the usual pathetic, pitiful and woefully non-clever comments so typical for him and why we must continue to keep him in our prayers, and naturally I’ve been deleting them. BUT!! THIS comment, posted at the thread below the last was just so incredibly perfect in illustrating how far gone he is that I reprint it here in it’s entirety:

“”we hate”

Most honest comment of the year from MA…”

Ed Schultz would be proud, nay, envious for just how out of context the quote was and how Parkie used it to imply something completely false, as in, he’s a freaking liar.

Maybe he thinks he’s being funny. That would be sad and another example of the pathetic, pitiful and non-clever nature of the poor boy (or girl, as the case may be).

In the future, should anyone have the unfortunate experience of actually reading his drivel before I’ve had a chance to delete it, my advice would be to cut and paste it into your comment and respond that way. I’m gonna continue deleting his worthless drool until he decides to put on his big-boy pants and actually risk by posting a comment of substance that attempts to put seriously his own thoughts (such as they may be) on whatever topic is being discussed. I don’t expect he has it in him, so don’t hold your breath. The poor little troll.