This article shows a new Tesla electric car that is supposed to out perform a Porsche. The body design is better than decent, and if the performance is as advertised, perhaps what we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Unfortunately, at $50K, it won’t show up in my garage any time soon.

Even more of a concern to me, and I’ve not yet seen this addressed at all, is how long such a vehicle maintains it’s advertised performance before the charge runs down. To be sure, I’m only comparing this to electric devices with which I’m familiar, and it isn’t uncommon for those to begin to lose power as it, well, loses power. With the typical internal combustion vehicle, it’ll run the same way regardless of how much fuel is in the tank, as long as fuel IS in the tank.

But do electric cars run in this manner? That is, at the end of the day, will this Tesla still do 0-60 in under 5 seconds, or will it take 30 seconds to reach 45mph because it doesn’t have the charge necessary to get to 60? I simply don’t know as I have not heard this addressed. Maybe someone knows how this is supposed to work. If this is simply not an issue with these cars, then we may be seeing the dawn of a new era.

Another question is, how did this company find financing to create this vehicle? Are they gov’t funded or private? There is a demand for such cars, and knowing that, venture capitalists would only need to see a good plan to kick in. I really hope this was done privately. And I really hope the cars will perform as advertised, as well as with the same expectations we now take for granted of our current vehicles.