I just saw that “Chaz” Bono was voted off of Dancing With The Stars. I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know if she was any good. The few times curiosity has compelled me to check out YouTube clips of performances, I have been struck by how “un-natural” the celebrities seem regardless of the steps and moves they’ve mastered. (By comparison, I offer Steve Martin in “Pennies From Heaven”. He made himself a dancer.) At the same time, I’m impressed that they’ve done as well as they have.

But this isn’t really about the show. It’s about “Chaz”. She stated, after being bounced, that she was glad she had the opportunity to show the world a different kind of man. Like that’s what the world needs. There’s only one Man we need to emulate and one needn’t be a man to do so.

Unfortunately, she isn’t a man. She’s a woman who went through incredible effort to appear to be a man, so that she can pretend to be a man, because she has the emotional/psychological dysfunction of thinking she is a man. She’s not. She never was and never will be. It’s a most elaborate disguise and nothing more.

Her mother, the idiotic Cher, of course supports her 100%. But not really. Is it really support for a parent to sit back while the child does something so goofy? Wouldn’t it be a better sign of support if she urged and provided counseling to deal with the dysfunction? Libs today wouldn’t agree, but that’s why we are suffering from the moral decline now ongoing.

People like Chastity Bono need our prayers. They need so much more, but that’s the best WE can do.