I involved myself in a couple of discussions over at Stan’s blog (Winging It) and came up again against Dan, who doesn’t always get his comment published over there. In two different posts, I posted a comment that drew a response from Dan. Not believing it certain that Stan would publish Dan’s responses, Dan decided to post them on the previous post at this blog. Since I’ve activated comment moderation, they’ve been staged until now.

What I’ve decided to do, since there are now two, is to post Dan’s comments in the comments section under this post. To get the full effect of the conversation that led to these comments, interested readers can find the earlier of the two here. I will handle this one first. Then, the second one comes from here, and you’ll find Dan’s comment will suggest he’s got his undies in a bunch. Reading the links will help understand if the comments don’t make sense by themselves. Plus, Stan’s perspectives are worth a read anyway. In any case, enjoy.