A New Year is come and our hopes for better with it. The hope seems more desperate than usual. We have one more year of this administration and then what? No contender seems to stand out above the rest. The best from a conservative perspective are not leading the pack. And some poll numbers put one who is the worst of the bunch to appear to have a chance. Not happy with the front runners at all, but I can’t see any of them being worse than the Loser-in-Chief they seek to usurp (with the possible exception of Ron Paul).

One would think it should be a slam dunk to have Obama expelled come November. So many people still out of work, with the percentages of out-of-work young and out-of-work minorities being especially high. Yet these are the people who voted for Barry in the first place. The rest of his supporters, the other fantasy-land dwellers who voted for an empty suit without any idea of who the guy was, will likely continue to support him as they believe he’s actually made things better.

But hope exists because it must. To give up hope is to allow things to get worse. We can’t let that happen as it is quite bad enough as it is.

So I’ll continue to hope for the best. I’ll continue to pray for God’s influence to bring more people around.

Not much of a New Year’s post. Can’t help it.