I’ve recently engaged in two separate discussions upon which the notion of Obama’s “accomplishments” was touched. I’ve come across two articles that also deal with his “accomplishments”. They are both from one of my liberal visitors’ favorite sites, American Thinker. Let us see if they will address the points being made by either, or, in their usual dismissive and cowardly manner, pretend that AT is simply too biased to even give a cursory look. Odds favor the latter.

In the first piece, we can easily note that each statistic is a link to its source for the article. The sources (provided since the lefties likely won’t take the time) are greatly varied; from CNN, LA Times, NY Times, The Heritage Foundation, and several others. No in depth analysis if given by the author, but only a comparison of before Barry took over to now, with a suggestion that further support of Obama makes no sense, which is easy to see. Of special interest is the title of the author Neil Snyder’s book, which is priceless: “If You Voted for Obama in 2008 to Prove You’re Not a Racist, You Need to Vote for Someone Else in 2012 to Prove You’re Not an Idiot” With a title like that, I’d buy it just to display it on my bookshelf.

An important consideration that always bears repeating, since the left insists on pretending it isn’t relevant, is that one must also take into consideration the years from 2006 forward as that is when the Dems won control of Congress and had all sorts of opportunities to begin improving things. Guess who was a part of that wasted time. Barry O’Bummer!

This second article isn’t just about Obama, but the Democratic party in general. Right now, Obama IS the Democratic party and is supported fairly unanimously by the Democratic boobs in Congress, even though they voted down his budget.

Anyway, though the author doesn’t cite any sources or provide any links, as a CDL holder, I’ve heard about some of what is discussed in the article from employers and customers in the shipping industry. Plus, all mentioned is easy enough to track on line if anyone wants to dress up the moves in which Obama has played a roll.

Barely’s defenders like to bring up this talk of “accomplishments”. OK. He’s accomplished a few things. But shouldn’t “accomplishments” improve things and benefit the nation? And if any of his “accomplishments” have indeed improved things and/or benefited the nation, should there not be some evidence of these improvements and benefits?

Some will say that he needs another four years before we can see them. None of these people would have dreamed of giving a Republican another term for that purpose. In fact, they would have screamed for a replacement, and they do whenever a Republican is in office. The question is, upon what basis do we gamble? The thinnest of arguments, that things would have been worse had he not acted? I’m sorry. That doesn’t work for me because there is no way to measure what might have been, especially since I don’t believe it would have been worse. I counter that argument by saying that his greatest accomplishment is that things aren’t worse than they are. It’s not for lack of trying.