The title refers to a comment made at another blog when a parallel was suggested by a commenter between homosexuals and the incestuous. Note that I used the term “parallel” rather than “comparison”. This is very important considering the sensitive nature of the homosexual activists and their enablers. You see, any “comparison” between homosexuals and anything not sweetness and light is derided as hateful and bigoted. Laurie Higgins, with Illinois Family Institute, notes this in a recent piece speaking on the heat Cardinal Francis George received by daring to suggest similarities between the “gay liberation” movement and the KKK. Oh, the horror. At the end of her column, she concludes in this manner:

“The reality is any comparison of homosexuality to any behavior of which society still has permission to disapprove will generate bilious howls of outrage and nastiness from homosexual activists. The closest analogue to homosexuality is not race or skin color. The closest analogue is polyamory or adult consensual incest. Try using those, especially the latter, and witness the torrent of non-rational, ad hominem-infused, fire-breathing that ensues from homosexual activists.”

And we who visited Dan’s blog recently had another taste of this very tactic. It is from there the “uglyass” comment came.

I say all this to set up this installment of Agenda Lies. The lie is that there is something vastly different between the argument for same-sex unions and the argument for adult consentual incestuous unions. The lie is that one is perfectly fine and the other a manifestation of some mental disorder. One healthy, the other not.

Of course, all Dan does is to assume the best of his favored class and compares it to the worst of that which he does not favor. He assumes that because he claims most incestuous affairs are oppressive, usually rapes I guess, that to imagine a person having a committed, loving and monogamous relationship with a sibling or parent is not possible. Or that it is mentally disordered. Funny. There’s far more “disordered” about sexual attraction between two of the same gender than a male and female of the same family as far as I’m concerned.

And as far as I’m concerned, incest is just wrong. Sure, most people would be turned off by the thought of hooking up with a parent or sibling. But that’s a cultural thing, and one that is from the same source as the cultural revulsion toward homosexual behavior: Scripture.

Yes, I know. Biologically bad things can happen should a dude hook up with his mother, daughter or sister. But that’s only a risk if both carry similar defective traits, like hereditary things. If all parties are perfectly healthy, the child that might result from their union won’t automatically suffer from defects.

However, as I recall, having children isn’t necessarily the point of marriage, if the new age secular bozos are to be believed. So assume children aren’t in the cards. One or both parties has strategic snips made by medical professionals and that issue is now in the “non” category.

The attraction itself can’t be “weird”. What is more weird than one dude pining after another dude? But one dude hot for his hot sister is weird? Imagine a 16 yr old Angelina Voight giving up her baby boy for adoption, never to again have contact with him. Then, in 2012, a 20 yr old young man has a nasty crush on Angelina Jolie. The fact that he is her son (without knowing it) would not likely play any part in his attraction, nor would it hinder his crush. And considering just how hot she is, had she not given up the kid at all, but raised him herself, what makes anyone think he would not appreciate her hotness just because he’s her son? Enough to “want” her? Who knows? But what if he did and she reciprocated? They are both adults. Who’s to say that they should be denied simply because of their biological relationship? On what basis?

Sure, people don’t generally think of their family members as good looking (not counting parental bias), and generally come to agree, if that is the case, begrudgingly at first. But if it is plain to one person that his/her sibling or parent is a stud/babe, are they “disordered” for admitting it? Of course not. (Only uncomfortable) Hot is hot.

But we’re to take the position that such unions are wrong (and they would be), but homosexual unions are not. And we’re to take the position that such unions are SO wrong, that to dare draw any parallels or comparisons to homosexual unions is itself heinous, evil, “uglyass”. On what basis?

Such unions cannot be less healthy than homosexual unions. (Keep in mind that unlike Dan, I am comparing in as much a one-to-one manner as I can. All subjects are physically healthy before entering their respective unions and none are capable of producing children. This is just about “people in love”.) We can pretend that all unions of either group are platonic, but then, who would we be kidding? In this day and age? No one. So we must consider how they would express their “love” for each other and that, of course, is through sexual contact. And if acting in the least risky manner possible while still engaging in sexual contact, the incestuous would not risk at all, considering their sexual equipment would be used according to the owner’s manual. They would not have to use any body part in a manner against its purpose or intent in order to engage in sexual contact. The homosexual cannot say the same thing without limiting themselves severely to handshakes and tongue wrestling.

But then, it’s not really a question of healthy sexual practices at all, or whether one group’s desires (homosexuals) more obviously constitutes some mental disorder. It’s about the definition of marriage and who qualifies. Clearly the homosexuals do not as the definition requires one man and one woman. Clearly the incestuous do not, because the definition requires one man and one woman who are not close relations. And of course, the polygamous do not because of the numbers involved. But in each of these groups are those who feel as if their desires are true, natural and deserving of the same rights and privileges the state and culture bestows upon one man and one woman. In that manner, each of the three groups are exactly identical and the distaste Dan and those like him have for the incestuous is as irrelevant as what Dan and those like him find irrelevant about the opinions of honest people who find homosexual relationships distasteful, sinful, abnormal.

And for Dan and others like him to regard the incestuous as disordered is as hateful and bigoted as he accuses honest people of being for their understanding of the abnormal attractions and sinful desires of homosexuals who insist on pursuing their agenda (that doesn’t exist). There is simply no difference between the homosexual and the incestuous except for the specifics of what floats their boats. Support the demands of one, and you must support the demands of the other. And then you must support the demands of any other who insists their “love” is equally worthy. And then “marriage” will be totally meaningless.