It is not news to say that one of my favorite stops is I find it to be a wonderful source of conservative thought. My purpose in linking to an AT article, when I do, is generally two-fold.

First, the article articulates a point I wish to make, and why, I ask myself, should I go through the trouble of finding the words to say what is already well said by someone else? Then, all I have to do is add a bit more to further focus the point of offering it at all. After all, time is limited. The downside of doing this is that some of my liberal visitors seem to think it means that I have no thoughts of my own but rather allow AT to tell me what to think. This is the same as when such idiots say “Ditto heads” wait for marching orders from Rush Limbaugh. Pretty stupid.

Secondly, and more often than not, when I do choose to offer a link to an AT article, it is because the author cites other sources, usually gov’t sources, to support the point he is trying to make. Unfortunately, most of the lib visitors don’t understand how to use reality to form an opinion, so the value of doing this is lost on them.

I recently visited Geoff’s blog and one of his extremely intelligent *cough* visitors made a typical condescending remark about AT (and World Net Daily) and AT readers. He and Geoffie had a big laugh because they just crack each other up like crazy. Oh! how silly we conservatives are!

AT isn’t the only right-wing trove of treasures I follow. There is,, and many others, not to mention my subscription to National Review. Some of the writers appear in several of these mags and sites. In addition, I also listen to conservative talk radio on occasion, though not as much as I used to due to my job. Great minds think alike.

I don’t have any regular lib sites or stations that I visit. As my time is limited, it is far too precious to waste on nonsense, though I read almost all of the links my liberal blog visitors and hosts provide, and I get my laughs that way. I guess the lefties think the way their lefty pundits tell them to think, right? More likely, weak minds think alike as well.

But the point of all this is that condescension I mentioned. I don’t quite get it. I mean, I get that they don’t like what they hear from the right wing, where truth and facts and logic reside, but to pretend as if it doesn’t exist there is so incredibly common place. And that itself wouldn’t be so bad if it could be argued in some manner.

Instead, all we get is the derision presented in a manner that suggests the reason for it should be plain to see. In other words, the right-wing pundit is wrong simply because a lefty blogger or blog visitor assumes it. No reason is given. If we on the right are the buffoons they wish we were, one would think such elevated personages would like to prove it somehow. But they don’t.

One of the strangest bits is the mere mocking of AT as if it is simply the site of one or two dudes. I don’t think any of the lefties realize just how many people contribute to that site. A look at the list of authors in the archive area reveals literally hundreds of contributors. Sure, not all of the contribute with great regularity. Some have their stuff presented quite often. But the hosts draw on the thoughts of many people.

But still, such things don’t matter. The lefties will cite pundits of their own and expect that we be swayed as if their pundits have won the day merely by printing their opinions. “See? Glenn Greenwald says…!” and that’s all we need to know. So I’ll read what they’ve offered of Greenwald and then check further to see if Greenwald knows what the hell he’s talking about.

But it seems the lefties don’t have it in them to really discuss the other side like they say they do. One or more might say they once were conservative. Others will say they never were. But none of them will give a conservative opinion piece the time of day. Open-mindedness is only something about which they give lip service. True open-mindedness can’t help but offer a counter opinion if an opinion in agreement isn’t possible. It’s no secret these lefties don’t much care for conservative/right-wing opinion. It’s a waste to say nothing more than how little they think about it. It’s a given. How about some of that deep thinking and nuance we hear so much about instead?