I guess that one who is on the internet almost every day shouldn’t complain about media overload. But this Trayvon Martin case is impossible to avoid. I wasn’t really all that interested in it. People are killed every day. Stories of little kids taking fire from scumbag gang-bangers should be generating a far greater outcry than what we have going on in Florida. By comparison, Martin’s demise is insignificant against the lives of small children sitting on stoops eating ice-cream while bullets rip through their tiny bodies. Yet you don’t hear idiotic race-baiters trying to assert that our little ones are being targeted by teens, which is far truer than white people targeting blacks. Indeed, the lamentations over the deaths of black youths are too often attributed by these hustlers to whites than to their more common threats—other black youths.

This case has stirred up all sorts of nastiness on the parts of people who have no clue as to the events that led to the shooting and killing (note: I have no evidence that “murder” is the appropriate term, so I don’t make the assumption) of Martin. The latest “outrage” of which I am aware is the recent protest for “justice” for Martin, as if it is a settled fact that he is deserving of any. Don’t get me wrong. He may indeed be so deserving. But like these idiots, I simply don’t have that information. The only info that any of us have at this point is the absolute and uncompromising innocence of Zimmerman, the assumption of which he is absolutely and uncompromisingly entitled to until he can be proven otherwise.

There is far too much that is unknown here. Some of which I’ve heard conflicts with other things I’ve heard. How can anyone dare presume anything at this point? But this is what we have in vast amounts. Presumptions, and few of innocence on the part of Zimmerman.

Take for example, our own Geoffrey Kruse-Safford. He is absolutely convinced that the word “tragedy” does not apply here. How can this be? Geoffrey wasn’t there. He doesn’t live in Florida. He lives in northern Illinois, a distance far too great for most people to see, but apparently not for one who sees what he wants to see. Geoffrey wants to see racism so he can pontificate, I guess, on white oppression of blacks, or some such crap. To Geoffrey, “What happened that February day can be described as a cold-blooded killing, a hate crime, yet another contemporary lynching of a young black man for the singular perceived crime of walking where a white person felt he had no business walking.” I suppose it can be. By the same token, Geoff’s statement can be described as by one who is intent on taking it upon one’s self to apologize for the white race as if so appointed for the task. But I’ve seen reports that state three things of note:

1) This took place is a gated community.
2) Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer for that community victimized by thefts.
3) Zimmerman is half-Hispanic.

What this means is that a Hispanic who belongs in the community knows who doesn’t belong and was concerned about this stranger being there.

I have a friend who lived in a gated community. The guards at the gate are white. I’m white. If I strolled in from the side and was seen walking about by one of those guards, they would have approached me for the “crime” of walking where I had no business being.

Now, maybe Zimmerman overstepped his “authority” as a volunteer watchman. Maybe Martin overreacted to Zimmerman’s scrutiny. Who knows? But certainly, if we concede the narrative of those playing the race card, like Geoffie is, then the result was certainly a tragedy for Martin as far as I’m concerned.

Then there is Al Sharpton. That this guy even gets the time of day is a wonder to me. He’s out there, with fellow race-baiter, Jesse “Will There Be Cameras?” Jackson, decrying the injustice done to this obviously innocent victim of another evil white guy who isn’t totally Anglo. Now, he’s insisting there will be civil disobedience if Zimmerman isn’t crucified for what Al knows is satanic murder of an angelic black boy. Oh, and sanctions, too!

We can’t forget Spike Lee, who tried to give out Zimmerman’s address and got the wrong Zimmerman, forcing a family totally unrelated to leave their home in fear. This asshole should be arrested on some charge for endangering the wrong Zimmerman and trying to endanger the “right” Zimmerman.

The New Black Panthers have offered a bounty on Zimmerman. Arrest them, too. How is that different than a contract killing?

All of this, and not one of these jackwagons knows what the hell even happened!

I mentioned it earlier and it has been mentioned by others reporting and commenting on this case, that most blacks in this country who are murdered are murdered by blacks. I’ve also read that whites are murdered by blacks much more than the other way around. Yet, the Sharptons, Jacksons, Lees, and Panthers do or say nothing about such things (unless they are doing so to say that whitey is somehow the root cause).

Oh. And how could I have overlooked the smartest man in the room, Barry Obama? He has once again stuck his nose into a case without knowledge of the facts, commenting in a manner inappropriate. The only appropriate comment he should have made, since he insists on saying something, is that he doesn’t know the facts so he can’t speak on it at all.

So now we must wonder what will happen if Zimmerman is not charged with a crime? It will be Rodney King East. And the Sharptons, Jacksons, Lees, Panthers AND Obama will have to take responsibility for stoking the anger, when they all should have been calling for calm, keeping in mind that Zimmerman is entitled to the presumption of innocence, especially since nobody knows exactly what the hell happened that night.