Earlier this week my local newspaper had two articles related to “Gay Pride Month”.  June is “Gay Pride Month”.  (July is “Obsessive/Compulsive Pride Month”, August is “Bi-Polar Pride Month” and I believe September is “Psychopath Pride Month”…in this country we take great pride and celebrate mental dysfunction.)  Of the two articles, one focused on the lack of celebratory events in the suburbs to where, like so many normal people, many homosexuals have moved for better schools, less crime, etc.  The article referred to Chicago’s annual “Gay Pride” parade, where children of all ages can witness various and extreme manifestations of this particular dysfunction, such as simulated sex acts by freakishly attired parade participants. (I would imagine the July parade being very neat and tidy, with far straighter lines and better synchronized marching.)

So there apparently was some kind of conference, seminar or coffee klatch, I don’t remember which as I don’t have that issue of the paper anymore.  There were all sorts of anecdotes and testimonies about life in the burbs as a homosexual.  But the part that I found most fascinating, as well as most annoying, was about one straight guy who spoke of starting or being part of a campaign whereby Christians wear these tee-shirts emblazoned with the words, “I’m Sorry”, meant to apologize to the dear homosexual souls who have been treated so harshly by the Church.  He didn’t say which church, so I assume he meant the Body of Christ in general.  He said he wanted the sad and suffering homosexuals to know that “God loves them just the way they are.”

I’d much prefer this guy not speak for me or the Church of God by saying this blatant falsehood.  And herein lies the point of this post.  That statement told to those unfortunates who want it to be true, that “God loves them just the way they are” is not something that can be supported by Scripture.

I pass a UCC church several times during my workday.  It has had a message on the sign in front of it which says, “God loves you no matter what.”  I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that it means pretty much the same thing the dude with the tee-shirt is saying (considering it IS a UCC church).  But both of these statements send the wrong message.  An absolutely wrong message.

There is this sad notion that unless God is just the sweetest God around then some people just won’t worship Him.  Somehow, we are just fine no matter what we do (as long as we don’t hurt no one and are really, really nice to people).  Whence comes this notion?  Well.  We all know the answer to that.  It comes from selfishness and self-centeredness and the notion that “doing things God’s way is HARD!!!”

But there’s no justification for the “just the way your are” business”.  It brings to mind a question Bill Cosby asked of a guy who was defending his cocaine use.  The dude said, “It makes you more of what you are.”  Cosby asked, “What if you’re an asshole?”  The question fits the premise posited by the dude above.  God loves you just the way you are?  But what if you’re an asshole?  Or worse?  Does He love child molesters just the way they are?

The reality is far different.  God loves us despite how we are and the distinction is in how each of us is to deal with how each of us is.  If who we are is sinful and rebellious by the standards of God’s clearly revealed Will for human behavior, His love for us will not result in our being spared our just rewards.  Our love for Him, our belief in Him is manifested in our intention to become something pleasing to Him based on the standards for human behavior described so clearly and plainly in Scripture. They clearly and unmistakably run deeper than merely being really, really nice to people.  They are far more comprehensive than that.  The dude is lying to the homosexual community, but the lie is believed by far more people than him and those homosexuals who wish it to be true.