It has been stated by a few left leaning visitors that I am obsessed with a particular topic.  In fact, it is stated by many on the left, that people of the conservative persuasion are also obsessed in the same way.  The charge is that we are obsessed with the sexual practices of others.  In my case, I am accused of being obsessed with the sexual practices of homosexuals particularly.  Well.  Is it truly a case of me being obsessed?  Let’s see.

June was, as observed in my last post, was “Mental Dysfunc…” er, “Gay Pride Month”.  But now June is over.  How do we account for what followed? 

-On 2July, my local newspaper ran an editorial encouraging the acceptance of “Gay Marriage” in this country.

Stories in a variety of media sources included”

-A lesbian soccer player (I believe she was) came out and encouraged other lesbians in sports to come out as well.
-Anderson Cooper officially came out (as if anyone was surprised), to which announcement an online source added a list of over thirty celebrities who have come out, as if more doing wrong makes it right.
-The Episcopal General Convention approves same-sex blessing rites.

This is just a sample of stories gleaned, just through my normal reading of news sources, but not all of them.  I’ve forgotten at least a couple and this is only since that July 2nd editorial.  I’m obsessed? 

Clearly someone’s obsessed with all things homosexual, and it isn’t me.  I merely observe the culture being pressured to accept this behavior as morally benign and no different than normal attractions.  It is pushed constantly through media images of all sorts, from entertainment to “serious” discussion pretending to educate to the political pandering of the Democratic Party.  It doesn’t go away.  And I’m obsessed?

Not at all.  I simply join in with organizations like Illinois Family Institute, AFTAH and bloggers who seek to counter the onslaught as best we can. 

Is that obsession on my part?  I don’t think so.  It isn’t the only bad behavior I’ve highlighted.  I have posts on abortion, racism and being a liberal (yeah, that’s bad behavior).  If I obsess about anything, it would be in encouraging proper behavior in many areas of human existence.  Heck, I obsess about my own behavior. 

I make no apologies about the number of posts I do on the subject of homosexuality in America.  I feel privileged to have the ability and outlet to express myself in a manner that honors both God and my fellow man in continuing to point out the many falsehoods perpetuated by activists and their willing and often misguided supporters and enablers.   It’s a worthy cause and to open eyes and hearts to the truth, even if it’s just a few, or even one, makes it so.