I’ve been thinking of using posts or topics from the lib sites of my blogroll for post ideas here.  I don’t know if I will do it as a series ala Agenda Lies or just do them as the mood strikes me.  Geoffrey’s blog is a veritable cornucopia of ideas and I thought of doing a series of just his stuff, calling it something like “Geoffie’s Place” or something to that effect.  In any event, I have to draw attention to his most recent post as it is so astounding.  This guy desperately wants George Zimmerman to have murdered an innocent black kid for no reason.  There is little possible alternative explanation for someone to post such nonsense after all the facts that have come to light about the case and the people involved since the first malicious shrieks accusing Zimmerman of being a neanderthal racist who gunned down an innocent and unassuming black child.  The irony is that Geoffie’s “interview” with Martin is a lame attempt to mock the Sean Hannity interview of Zimmerman, where he has for the first time spoken publicly to defend against all the Geoffies of the world who passed judgement without knowing anything beyond the skin color of the two involved.  You’d think this “Christian” seminary student married to a preacher would at least step the hell back at this point from his own racist assumptions.  Even more ironic is that just two posts earlier, in the comments section, Geoffrey asks the burning question, “Are we loving people?”  For Geoffrey, the answer seems clearly, “No.”