My Sunday edition of the Daily Herald carried an opinion piece by liberal chuckle head, Eugene Robinson.  This rabid lefty is safe bet to vomit the typical lefty nonsense and falsehoods put forth laughably as logic and reason.

In this piece he states “The Republican-led crusade for voter ID laws is revealed as a cynical ploy to disenfranchise as many likely Democratic voters as possible, with poor people and minorities the main targets.”  This is the stock line lefties use to demonize the logical implementation of ID laws intended to shore up the integrity of the voting process.  From the fallacious column, he writes:

“Recent developments in Pennsylvania—one of more than a dozen states where voting right are under siege—should be enough to erase any lingering doubt:  The GOP us trying to pull off an unconscionable crime.”

Can you say “Hate-mongering rhetoric”?  He goes on to speak of PA House majority leader Mike Turzai as he addressed a meeting of the Republican State Committee…

“Ticking off a list of recent accomplishments by the GOP-controlled legislature, he mentioned the new law forcing voters to show a photo ID at the polls.  Said Turzai,with more than a hint of triumph, ‘Voter ID, which going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania—done.”

Robinson states that the Dem candidate for president has carried PA since 1992.

“…the top Republican in the Pennsylvania House is boasting that because of the new voter ID law, Mitt Romney will defy history and capture the state’s 20 electoral votes in November.”

And why does this give Robinson the vapors?  Because as he claims in his article, state officials presented figures recently that 758,939 registered voters of that state do not have a state driver’s license.  Oh.  The.  Horror.

We’ve been through this before, but I guess Robinson feels it his duty to rehash the lame arguments in opposition to this simple and logical policy.  His whine is that most of these people live in urban areas that are places where the poor and minorities tend to live.  Like lefties everywhere, he apparently believes that the poor and minorities are people incapable of obtaining a photo ID.  Here’s the funny part:  On June 11, as reported in Human Events, Eric Holder addressed an NAACP convention in Houston and referred to these laws as “poll taxes”.  Yet, one had to show a photo ID to get in to hear him say it.

Now of course, one who claims to be a serious journalist might want to check out the death defying and brain numbing requirements for obtaining these state IDs.  Listing the incredible difficulties the oppressively impoverished and minorities of Pennsylvania must endure to do so might lend some weight to the argument Robinson makes and tug mightily at our heartstrings.  So I went on-line and found just how impossible it is.  According to the PA DOT, getting a state ID will cost a bank breaking $13.50!  OH.  THE.  HORROR!

How bad do lefties think the poor have it in this country that they can’t get up so little in two years time, assuming any of them care to vote in the mid-term elections?  Even between now and the deadline to register to vote in November (and many of these people ARE already registered) how many truly couldn’t get up that small amount in time to vote?  There’s about fifteen weeks between now and November.  That’s less than a dollar per week to save assuming there’s not a dime in the cooky jar right now.

Of course, is he assuming that all the minorities are too poor to pop for the fee?  Is Robinson suffering from a bad perception of minorities?  And he a black man?

Like Jim has tried to put forth here, Robinson believes there is no fraud.  But going back to that Human Events article, claims that fraud is rare is itself a fraud the left tries to perpetrate on the public in order to maintain their voting levels.  It isn’t that it is rare, but that it isn’t easy to detect without safeguards that an ID policy can provide.  The articles states…

“The controversial purge of illegal immigrant voters carried out by the state of Florida challenged a mere 2,600 names, and swiftly found more than a hundred illegal voters, with half of them on record as having actually cast illegal votes in previous elections.  Many of these people were found by the simple expedient of reviewing a list of illegal immigrants who swore they were not U.S. citizens to get out of jury duty, and checking to see if the same people were registered to vote.  For an allegedly “rare” problem, voter fraud is incredibly easy to find, for anyone who actually bothers to look.”

Robinson plays the race card by suggesting the problem “seems to be that too many of the wrong kind of voters—low income, urban, African-American, Hispanic—are showing up at the polls.”    He’s either a blithering idiot or an abject bearer of false witness.  The GOP does not have a problem with losing elections fairly (except that the wrong guy won), and to suggest that this initiative has anything to do with restraining the groups of people that Robinson lists, especially when some of them could vote GOP, is reprehensible and all too typical of the leftists in our country.